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Removable Prosthesis

The VIP Dental Lab team will work with you closely, providing you with consistent and highly functional restorations of the utmost quality in order to minimize your chair-side time!
Our knowledgeable technical support team is available to advise on even your most challenging cases.

We combine the personalized service.

Our superior quality materials guarantee long-lasting comfort.
We’ve committed ourselves to listen to our customers’ needs and honing our solutions accordingly. We constantly look to improve the quality, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of the restorative and preventive solutions we offer. As your trusted laboratory partner, we will strive to deliver solutions that simplify treatment, optimize results, and improve the lives of your patients.

  • No abutment tooth posterior to edentulous space
  • Long edentulous bounded span, too extensive for fixed restoration
  • Periodontally weak teeth not sufficiently sound to support fixed- partial denture.
  • With excessive loss of residual bone, the use of labial flange or need to restore lost tissues
  • After recent extraction, usually done only to improve aesthetics, or for patient satisfaction.
  • Advantages
  • Outstanding bio compatibility.
  • Adjustability and fracture resistance.
  • A more durable, stain and odor resistant denture acrylic.
  • High impact acrylic for high quality, precision denture bases.
  • We deliver a restoration that looks natural and that will endure even challenging occlusal loads.
  • Contraindications
  • Many patients cannot adopt removable dentures because they don't feel as if they are their own organ.
  • Patients who cannot be adapted to use removable prostheses.
  • Gingival and periodontal causes
    • You can be assured your dentures
      We provide your patients with dentures that function properly, and provide a durable, comfortable esthetic smile, allowing patients to better live their lives.
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